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Frequently Asked Question & Answers – FAQ ?

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to write to us at patna@momentclickerz.com; we will gladly answer your queries.


Q. Is Moment Clickerz Photography a company, studio or an individual?

A. Our aim is to provide quality professional photography services to clients such as they have never experienced before, and especially to those who are looking to make their wedding their most cherished memory.

Q. Why Us ?

A. This is not the era of photography with film, time has been changed and post-processing is also a well required for digital photographs. We are having a team from Digital artists who are from industry background.

Q. What is your area of specialty and what kind of services do you offer?

A. Our core specialty is Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding Films, and Fashion Photography. We provide complete services in these areas.

Q. What kind of Wedding Services do you provide?

A. We provide complete wedding package solutions, whether it is pre-wedding shoots, candid photography, traditional wedding photography, or wedding films.

Q. What are your Wedding Packages? Do you have any fixed packages for Weddings?

A. No two people are alike, so their requirements cannot be the same as well. A slim fit dress cannot fit someone who is a medium, and vice versa. So is the case with us. We cannot have a fixed wedding package that suits all, and thus have to customize and fine-tune it according to the individual’s needs.

Q. Can you customise the Wedding Package according to our budget?

A. We do not compromise on the quality of our work, but we do always try to work out packages that are balanced and value for money for both parties.

Q. Working Style ?

A. Moment Clickerz team always try to make a friendly environment with your family, relatives and friends. Then only we will enjoy with all yours enjoyment and capture moments easily, meanwhile we are able to know more about bride and groom. We are never make you in pose like another traditional photographers. There will be a conventional photographer in our team, common to all wedding for capturing all traditional rituals and posed photographs. We are also providing portrait sketching and sculpture as per demand.

Q. How many pictures do you click at an event? Is there a limit? Will I get all pictures?

A. There is no limit for clicking pictures, but we do not click senselessly. Once clicked, we process them, eliminating test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions, duplicate images, and other images that may affect the final product. We give you all the raw data once the work contract is complete.

Q. Do you also provide Wedding Albums?

A. We provide complete solutions related to wedding photography and wedding films. We do provide wedding albums depending on what kind of wedding package is being sought.

Q. What kind of Wedding albums do you provide?

A. We offer coffee table books made by various branded companies as per the choice of the customer, i.e. based upon number of selection of pictures, cover selected, size of the book and brand opted by the customer. The company at that given time will finalize all prices as per prevailing rates. Please ask about the quote at the time of placing the order.

Q. Candid photography ?

A. Candid is all about capturing the right moment at the right time. This is about capturing those memories which will make your face smile after a long time when you unfold your album .Just recalling your unsaid tears of your dad and happy eyes of your mom seeing you dressed bride, Silly activity of your friends on dance floor and wedding stage, Blessing from your relatives. Most of the pictures capture in natural lighting with natural feelings.

Q. Pricing and Delivery Details ?

A. Moment clickerz always starting with a reasonable price that would be affordable to all. It also depends upon count of photographers, number of days and hours. Better to contact us, it would be great time to have a coffee with you.

Q. Story book and Albums ?

A. We are trying our best to provide you album of best paper quality or as per your demanded brand.

Q. Travel and Accommodation ?

A. We are willing to travel from our place to yours. It needs a discussion.


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